To all present, past TCBA members and friends,

I would like to share just a few things that have been on my mind lately….

Our meetings are currently being held at the AG Center in Cortland on the second Sunday of every month.  On occasion, they will be held at a member’s home apiary.  After a short business meeting, we then talk about our bees and what we should do to prepare them, as well as us for the month ahead.  I feel that the summer meetings have had great participation from the membership.

I am asking for everyone’s help and any ideas on how to make our association better for not only us, but for our bees as well.

One thing that we are currently working on is the Scholarship Program to get the youth more involved. We also need some ways to get more of our members motivated and involved as well. I would also like to invite and welcome back members who have done so much for the association in the past.

Upcoming Meeting Dates to Remember….

* November 13th @ 2pm…  Elections (and any last nominations)


* January 8th @ 2pm…  First monthly business meeting of 2017

Like our bees who work for the good of the colony,

Let’s work together for the good of the association!

Cliff Bequeath