September 2016

Trumbull County Beekeepers Asso. Monthly Meeting Minutes: 9.11.16

Present at the Meeting:
Ron Armbruster          Cliff Bequeath          Nick Bohurjak
Linda Corbett           Greg Dubos              Jason Harris
Jeff Harris             Vicki Hunter            Tim Kriner
Tim Sandor                                

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting was held at the Trumbull County Ag. Center in Cortland at 2:00 pm.

Treasurers’ Report: The Treasury has a current balance of  $4478.16 as of September 11-2016.

New Business: Welcome to our new President Cliff Bequeath. Scholarships: We need to see more participation from our Scholars. A lot of good ideas were presented at the Sept. meeting. These ideas to be put down on paper and decided on at October meeting.

Vicki suggested that we have some type of participation with local schools. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

Tim suggested that we start a Top-Bar hive learning group within our club. We would need a half dozen members to participate. The hives and Bees will be provided. The cost will be the price of materials to build hives. Cliff and Tim will build hives. Tim will supply bees.

A  $100.00 dollar donation was presented to our club to help with Scholarships by Ken Gore from Mecca. ~ Thanks Ken.

Special thanks to Cliff Bequeath for the great presentation on Honey Extraction.               

Next meeting will be October 9th at 2:00 pm at the Trumbull County Ag. Center.