April 2016

Trumbull County Beekeepers Association Monthly Meeting Minutes ~ Apr. 10, 2016

Present at the meeting:
Ron Armbruster              Mark Behlke       Cliff Bequeath
Nick Bohurjak               Linda Corbett     Greg Dubos
Ed Freel                    Matt Hart         Monica Howell
Andy, Vicki & Evan Hunter   Tim Kriner        Brian Luoma
Kathy Meszaros              Noah Miller       Scott Miller
Andrew & Nancy Shine        Tim Sandor        Seth Steward
Leonard Summerlin           George Yuricek

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting was held at the Trumbull County Ag. Building in Cortland, Oh.  Meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm.

Treasurers’ Report: The Treasury has a current balance of $4974.98 as of April 10, 2016.

New Business

  • Motion was made to purchase a portable P.A. System for club events.  Motion passed.  Check written for the amount of $137.00.  Payment also due to the Sportsm50/50 and Federation for table at Gun Raffle.  Check written for the amount of $525.00.
  • Motion was made to add picture gallery to web site.  Vicki will look into it.
  • Updated Swarm List will be posted on Web site.
  • Honey Bee Extractions done by Tim Sandor.  Anyone interested in assisting, contact Tim at 330-442-2346.
  • Members of T.C.B.A. Have assembled a list of Mentors.  If you need help in your hives, have questions or would like to work in someone’s apiary for additional training, call to set up an appointment.  List of Mentors will be posted on Web site.
  • Volunteers still needed for Sportsman’s Show.  Contact Lee Summerlin for date and times. 330-718-2786.

Reminder: Tickets still available for hive raffle.  Drawing will be held during May meeting.  Bees should be ready at that time.

50/50: $19.00.

Next meeting will be held in the field,(weather permitting). May 8th at 2:00.  Location to be decided. Make sure to bring your veils.