March 2016

Trumbull County Beekeepers Association Monthly Meeting Minutes ~ Mar. 13, 2016

Present at the meeting:
Mark Behlke                 Cliff Bequeath        Nick Bohurjak
Frank & Christine Castle    Linda Corbett         Greg Dubos
Scott & Michelle Hamilton   Heather Gleason       Matt Hart 
Vicki Hunter                Tim Kriner            Brian Luoma
Kathy Meszaros              Noah Miller           Scott Miller
Tim Sandor                  Andrew Shine          Lee Summerlin
Patrick & Liz Tosti         Phoenyx Tosti         Vincent Tosti

New Members:
Ron Armbruster              Ed Freel              Seth Steward
George Yuricek

Jerry Holko

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting was held at the Trumbull County Ag. Building in Cortland, Oh. Meeting was called to order at 2:10 PM.


Treasurers’ Report: The Treasury has a current balance of $4174.98 as of March 13-2016.


Old Business: Three Scholarships were awarded in Feb. to Phoenyx and Vincent Tosti, and Noah Miller.

Volunteers needed for raffle ticket sales at Gander Mtn. Grand opening in March.


New Business: Gander Mtn. Grand opening date is March 18th.  Volunteers needed for 18-19-20th.

Ticket sales will be from 9am till whenever. Tri-County’s March Conference in Wooster was discussed. Beginner classes were very informative as well as some excellent classes on Mite control and Disease control. Lots of good feedback.


50/50 raffle was 14.00 plus 2 tickets to hive raffle donated by Tim Kriner.

Next meeting: April 10, 2016 at 2:00 at the Trumbull County Ag. Bldg.  Beekeeping Class to follow.