May 2016

Trumbull County Beekeepers Association Monthly Meeting Minutes ~ 5.8.16

Present at the Meeting:
Ron Armbruster       Cliff Bequeath      Greg Dubos
Tim Kriner           Tim Sandor          Andy, Vicki & Evan Hunter
Seth Steward         Lee Summerlin       Scott & Michelle Hamilton
Jason & Jeffrey Harris

Tammi Neuscheler & Family

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting was held at Tim Kriner’s home in Mecca.  Meeting was called to order at 2:30 P.M.

Treasurers’ Report: The Treasury has a current balance of $4702.15 as of May 8-2016.

New Business:

  • Gun Raffle went great. Two guns were drawn. $2100.00 dollars was taken in.
  • Profit after gun sales was $1500.00. Thanks to everyone who participated. Special thanks to Cliff Bequeath.
  • Congratulations to Scott & Michelle Hamilton for winning the hive raffle. Good luck this summer.
  • Thanks to Evan Hunter for his presentation on Swarm Capture. Thanks also to Tim Sandor  for his demonstration on Honey Bee extractions and how to use a Bee-Vac.
  • After meeting we went out to Apiary for some in-hive training.  We identified different stages of life as well as different ways to house bees.  We also talked about manipulating frames and when to add supers.  After meeting, Evan took some members on an actual Swarm retrieval.  Thanks everyone for a great first outing!

50/50 Raffle: $7.00 Lee Summerlin donated back to club. Thanks Lee.

Next meeting:  June 12th at 2:00 p.m. @ Howard Baldwin’s, 6487 State Rt. 5, Kinsman, OH ~ 330/553.9371

Topics being covered:  (We’ll be in the field – please bring your veils.) Splitting Hives; Raising Queens, Managing Queen Castles, Re-Queening Hives, Introducing Queens into Splits;